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Dienstag, 8. März 2011, 21:19

The Windows 7 version of dBASE is here!

Mitteilung von dBI vom 08.03.2011. Originalversion

We are thrilled to introduce the new dBASE Plus 2.70!

It’s fully Windows 7 compatible.
Fully VISTA compatible.
And still backwardly compatible to XP.

Even better, you can upgrade now for just $449!
(see Upgrade Policy below)

dBASE Plus 2.70 is our most powerful version ever.
Here are just a few of the enhancements we’ve made:

  • NEW support for User Account Control rules in Windows 7 and
    Windows Vista in both the dBASE Desktop and, optionally,
    in dBASE Applications

  • NEW ability to run dBASE Plus and dBASE Applications
    with standard user rights

  • NEW User BDE aliases - to allow users with standard user
    rights to set up database connections

  • NEW ability to keep separate configuration settings by user
  • NEW BUILD command options to specify whether or not to build
    an application to support User Account Control rules, and whether
    or not to make use of an application’s .ini file

  • NEW support for creating, saving and loading User BDE aliases
    from user's .ini file

  • NEW settings to enable or disable support for User Account Controls
    both for dBASE Plus and for dBASE Plus applications

To read about all of the new dBASE Plus 2.70 Features and Fixes, just click here.

To upgrade now to dBASE Plus 2.70, at your discounted price, click here.
**Remember to get your coupon code first**

And if you’d like the full version of dBASE Plus 2.70 for only $549, click here.

We hope you’ll agree that 2.70 is the best version of dBASE you’ve ever run!

===The Team at dBI=======

  • If you purchased dBASE PLUS 2.62, either the full or upgrade version you qualify for a free
    upgrade to dBASE Plus 2.70

  • If you purchased dBASE PLUS 2.61 thru dBASE Plus 2.61.5, either the full or upgrade version,
    you qualify for a discount of $150 off the Full Version price of dBASE PLUS 2.70

  • If you purchased 5.5 thru dBASE PLUS 2.60,either the full or upgrade version, you qualify fo
    r a discount of $100 off the Full Version price of dBASE PLUS 2.70
    A coupon is required to make purchases.

Contact customer service at for discounted coupon. You may need to send verification of version.

***Personal and/or Educational Versions are not eligible for free upgrades. They are available for purchase at their regular price.

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