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Montag, 9. Februar 2009, 14:12

Neues dUFLP Release (Version "W")

Ken Mayer - 08.02.2009

Ken Mayer kündigt eine neue Version "W" des dUFLP (dBASE Users' Function Library Project) an.

Die Meldung im Original:

dUFLP Version W is now available for your use.

As always this is available from my website:

The following is from the Whats.New document:

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------- WHATS.NEW in the dUFLP Library? ------------------
// --------------- This is dUFLPPLUS_W.EXE ------------------
// --------------- Dated: February, 2009 ------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

8< ---------- snip ------------ >8

Updates -- updated from the previous version of the dUFLP ibrary:

  • AppDoc.wfm -- Added option to find dBL Functions in the applicaton.
    This slows down processing, and sometimes shows some duplicate information
    (due to the nature of dBL), but works well. -- KJM
  • -- Fixed bug on line 1717 of and a bug in certain circumstances of
    a 2D array.Some other fixes after some intensive testing ...
    Other improvements added to deal with DateTime types. -- BHB
  • -- Added a method to transform big hexadecimal numbers to big integer numbers
    -- BigHtoI(). --Marc Van den Berghen
  • -- Minor typo fixed (as pointed out -- Geoff Wass).
  • -- Bug fixes, and a sample form has been added
    Dulux_Encrypt_Example_Form.wfm). -- Matthew Black
  • FixDBF7.prg -- Minor modifications to avoid throwing bogus errors on _DBASELOCK fields
    (created with CONVERT command in dBASE ...) -- KJM
  • -- Fixed code, removed excess code that didn't work, and more.
    -- Ivar B. Jessen (with minor work by KM)
  • MSDialog.prg -- Minor bug fix, pointed out by Rich ("AutoTraker").
  • -- A wrapper for RunWait.prg (by Jim Sare), written by Greg Hill.
  • SetLDDriverTable.prg -- Updated by Ivar B. Jessen, with changes including checking forAutoInc
    only in level 7 tables, and ensuring that the value of an AutoInc field is not changed when
    this code is run ...
New to the library since the previous version:

  • CustButtDutch.h -- Include file for with translations of strings into Dutch,
    for those users who need it. -- Kees van Rooijen
  • Dulux_Encrypt_Example_Form.wfm -- Example form for the file,
    to show how it works. -- Matthew Black
  • -- Dulux_hash is an implementation of the SHA-2 family of hashing algorithms
    written in dBL. -- Matthew Black
  • Dulux_Hash_Example_Form.wfm -- Example form to show how to use the class.
    -- Matthew Black
Ken Mayer [dBVIPS]
Golden Stag Productions