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Thursday, November 13th 2014, 6:26pm

Announcing the NEW dBASE PLUS 9.5!!!

Ankündigung vom 13.11.2014 (Original)

You wanted the best and we want to deliver the best, which is why
we are so excited about dBASE
PLUS 9.5! We are kick-starting
the winter season early, like the Polar Vortex currently hitting the U.S.,
by announcing a significant upgrade, the NEW dBASEPLUS 9.5.
The team has remained hard at work continuing to enhance, update,
and upgrade the most successful release of dBASE since 2006!

The dBASE™ PLUS 9.5 release includes fixes for…
  • Graphics updates; fixed and enhanced the doubleBuffer
    property… and others
  • Low-level math
    ; fixed commands like FLOOR and
    VALIDATE to better handle large numbers… and others

  • ADO updates;
    fixed many outstanding issues with regards to
    ADO, multiple parameters… and others

  • Menu updates;
    fixed deactivations of menus… and others

  • Report
    ; fixed low-level functionality with
    regards to Reports on Modal forms… and others

  • Editor
    ; fixed or eliminated many of the
    flickering issues… and others

  • Translations;
    edited multiple translation issues (French,
    Spanish, and German)

  • General bug fixes
If you already own dBASE™ PLUS 9.0, 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, or even 9.4
you need to upgrade to this version and best of all, it's FREE!!*
You can download the upgrade here:

If you have not tried the dBASE™ PLUS 9 product, please do
yourself a favor and give it a go. The 30 day FREE Trial can be
found here:

If you tried dBASE™ PLUS 9 and your Trial has expired, contact us for a Trial extension so you can
see all of the great things dBASE™ PLUS 9 brings to developing
cutting edge data driven applications.

We want to thank you, our valued customers, for making
a great success and we hope that if you have
not purchased dBASE™ PLUS 9 that you will do so now!

Do not just take our word for it; here are some comments from the
newsgroups, surveys and personal emails to me!

  • Over 50% of the of the respondents said, "dBASE PLUS 9 is
    one of the best releases in years!"
  • 11% think dBASE PLUS 9 is the best dBASE release EVER!
  • One common response: "Wow, it just works… thanks!"
I could not ask for any better comments and thank you for showing
us your support. We hope you will continue that support in the future
as we strive to bring exciting new features and products to market.

Thanks for your continued support,

dBase, LLC

*Upgrades are FREE to any owner of dBASE PLUS 9.x, owners of any previous version of
dBASE must purchase an upgrade license.

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