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Freitag, 12. April 2013, 20:19

Neues dUFLP Release (Version "AB")

Ken Mayer - 12.04.2013

Ken Mayer kündigt eine neue Version "AB" des dUFLP (dBASE Users' Function Library Project) an.

Die Meldung im Original:

Greetings all --

The dUFLP has been updated to release "AB". You can download it from my website at:

Details of the changes below taken from "":

// -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------
// ---------------- WHATS.NEW in the dUFLP Library? ---------------------
// --------------------- This is dUFLPPLUS_AB.EXE -------------------------
// ------------------------ Dated: April 12, 2013 ----------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

8< ---------- snip ------------ >8

Updates -- updated from the previous version of the dUFLP ibrary:

  • DOT32.wfm -- Removed references to Pushbutton2 which required
    code that was not available in the dUFLP ...
  • MiscAPI.prg -- Minor changes in documentation in the header,
    errors noted by Ivar B. Jessen. Updated: GetWindowsCSILDPaths()
    -- Andrew Shimmin
  • -- Updated due to compilation errors -- reference to
    dUFLP.h (deleted from the dUFLP a long time ago) is commented out.
    -- KJM
  • -- Updated due to compilation errors caused by issues
    in API Prototypes. Thanks to Mervyn Bick and Ivar B. Jessen
  • -- Modified the documentation in the header of the
    source code for this class as it was giving the wrong object
    path to the methods in the class (including the name of one of the
    methods was incorrect). This was pointed out by Ivar B. Jessen,
    and updated by myself (KJM).
  • -- Updated some time ago, the updated version
    is now here ...
    -- Ronnie MacGregor
  • Setup.prg - SetupSourceAliases.prg -ComponentPaletteUpdate.prg
    Updated for dBASE Plus 2.7/2.8 and Windows Vista / Windows 7
    (and one assumes Windows 8, with UAC Paths. Lots of changes
    needed to install/setup the dUFLP properly, and still maintain backward
    compatibility for those using older versions of dBASE/Windows.
New to the library since the previous version:

  • --Custom class to manage the current BDE session
    directories enabling dBase to more fully comply with the
    Microsoft security model. Created by Andrew Shimmon
  • CountDeletedRecords.prg -- Counts the number of deleted records in
    a DBF table (level 5 and 7 should definitely work, might work with
    lower levels). It uses the table header information to return this
    value. Created by Ivar B. Jessen
  • Initialize_dUFLP.wfm -- A new method of setting up the dUFLP
    created by Rick Miller. The form is designed to try to be as flexible
    as possible when changes are made to dBASE (such as the 2.7/2.8
    issues with UAC Paths). Run the form, click the buttons to do the
    things you wish. You should always click the first one (it creates
    the Source Code alias for the dUFLP based on the folder you
    installed the dUFLP to).

Ken Mayer [dBVIPS]
Golden Stag Productions